Yoga is an ancient physical mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi give this proposal to the U.N to celebrate International Yoga Day on  21st June, 2019.
R.V.S Academy celebrated International Yoga Day with the enthusiastic participation of students, faculty and staff. An expert yoga tr. Mr. Rajesh sir and Mrs. Pushpa Tr. initially briefed about the essence of yogic exercises on the health of individuals, 500 students and 40 teachers enthusiastically participated and performed different asanas like Yoga sanas, Kalplbhati, Pranayama, Dhyna, Sankalpa and meditation. Thereafter speaking at the occasion, the Principal of the school shared the importance and need of practicing yoga to stay fit and healthy. She said “yoga is a systematic and methodical process to control and develop the mind and body to attain good health, balance of mind and self realization. It is necessary for every individual to stay fit and healthy in this fast paced world, which is full of stress and anxiety”. The celebration of International yoga day is a reminder for every individual to incorporate yoga every day to enjoy a happy and blissful life and reduced effect of stress and other physical ailments.

The occasion was well versed with information on importance, types and benefits of yoga as a part of a healthy all round regimen.


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