Nursery and LKG students of RVS ACADEMY celebrated the Red and Green colour day virtually.

All the little angels of Nursery and LKG along with their parents had dressed up beautifully in Green and Red attire for the Online Activity Class. The Nursery sections celebrated Green Day and the LKG sections Red Day.

The teachers had decorated the teaching corners in their respective homes to display red and green colour objects like fruits, jam, syrup, vegetables, toys and hung red and green balloons.

Activity based learning provides varied experiences to the students to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, experience, skills and values. Builds the student’s self-confidence and develops understanding through work. Learning through activities leave a long impact in the tender minds.

Keeping this in mind many activities pertaining to green and red colour were organized for the kids through online platform. Students participated with bubbling enthusiasm and showcased their talents virtually.
The joyous look of the tiny toddlers captivated everyone’s heart.


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