Umbrellas always attract children as rainbow which they simply adore so as to tell the children the importance of colours and to correlate it with umbrella, Umbrella Day was celebrated through the online platform.

The pandemic COVID 19 could not stop the enthusiasm of the students of Nursery  of RVS Academy. They, under the able guidance of their teachers, celebrated the Umbrella Day, virtually.

The children decorated their houses with colourful pictures, paintings made by themselves of umbrellas. They also recited poetries on umbrellas. One of the students gave us the information about how this Umbrella Day had started. The teachers decorated their study corners of their home with umbrellas, paintings and charts related to the theme.

Even though schools are closed, life has become boring for the children, yet these tiny tods of Nursery made this day colourful, extravagant, even from the comforts of their homes through the online platform.

They enjoyed a lot and also came to know the importance of umbrella to protect them from rain.


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