There are various curricular and co-curricular activities spread throughout the year in order to give opportunities to the students to shape their personality which in the long run would give an edge to their academic and professional career.

  • Students Zone Activities: Students have an inherent urge and a great desire to discover themselves. A number of contests are held to bring out the hidden talents, to develop confidence among children, improve their sills, inculcate healthy competitive spirit and prepare them to meet the various challenges in their career.
  • School Fest: A refreshing event in which palatable and mouth watering food items and mind boggling games are featured. There is also a display of art and craft work by students of different classes.
  • Annual Sports: The most awaited event in the school calendar, which consists of colorful display of a wide range of events like the drills, fancy events from Primary sections, track and field events. The nearly 5 hours events enthrall the spectators. The brilliant performance by the students were commendable.
  • Annual Prize Nite: The Annual Prize Nite, featuring prize distribution and cultural programmes is yet another event which all students and teacher’s look forward to. Various categories of prized are given away to motivate the children.
  • Inter-House Quiz Competition: Quiz competitions are held to bring the confidence and talent hidden in the students.
  • Inter Class Spelling Contest: Spelling play an important role in the life of students. Perfection in spellings can be attained through this competition.
  • Inter House Patriotic Song Competition: To inculcate the feeling of patriotism, a patriotic song competition is held for the 4 houses. Music touches the chords of the heart and there is no better way of expressing one’s love for motherland.
  • Inter-House dance Competition: The recent times encourage western dance, but at R.V.S.A. we make an effort to revive and encourage classical dances through an inter-house dance competition. The significance of the mudras and the graceful body movements inspire the students.
  • Inter-House Bulletin Board Competition: To encourage working in unison, this competition has been instituted. Also the students gain varied knowledge of various subjects through such interactive activities.
  • Inter-House Elocution and Debate Contest: Elocution and debate contest are a must to install self confidence in public speaking. The platform provided by such contest pave way for a bright future in every field.
  • Inter Class Drawing and Painting Competition: The strokes of paint brushes and color pencils ignite many artistic minds to showcase their talents. Such competitions give birth to future artist and we at R.V.S.A. strive to do so.


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