The aim of the school centers around the multi – dimensional growth and development of the child’s personality in an atmosphere where there is joy of learning and immense scope for individual creativity. Innovation and expressiveness are twin blessings accessible to the administrative staff, the teaching faculty and the student community.

The objectives of the school are :

  1. To make teaching interesting and learning easily by using Audio Visual aids and modern electronic teaching aids.
  2. To motivate and encourage students to strive for better standards in every class by giving scholarship and free-ships to at least one student in every class.
  3. To promote all-round personality development through Literary, Cultural, Social and Physical Activities and to ensure that each student participates at least in two such activities.
  4. To improve effectiveness in teaching methods and professional standards of teachers by conducting regular in-service training sessions and to ensure that each employee gets at least 20 hrs. of training and orientation per year.
  5. To achieve excellence in education through close interaction with parents and guardians for a minimum of three occasions in a year.
  6. To give academic ambiance in all curricular and co-curricular activities by continuous performance evaluation of students.


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