The course of studies prescribed by the council for the Indian School Certificate, New Delhi is followed in the school, both at ICSE and ISC level. For the remaining classes the course is so designed in books that it leads gradually to the requirement of studies in the senior classes.

General education to all learners is given up to the end of Secondary stage/Senior Secondary stage to help them acquire basic life skills and emotional intelligence.

Emphasis on the skill of “learning how to learn” with flexibility of content and mode of learning is given to suit all learners including those with special needs.

Integration of Art, Health and Physical Education is emphasized in order to achieve Art of healthy and productive leaving at the primary stage.

  • Pre Primary School Section English, Hindi, Mathematics, Computer Science, Science, General Knowledge, Drawing, Games.
  • Primary and Lower Middle School Section English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, E.V.S, Social Studies, Computer Science, Sanskrit, Moral Science, General Knowledge , Drawing, Music, Games, Activity & SUPW.
  • Higher Middle and Secondary School Section English, Hindi, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History & Civics, Geography, Computer Application/Science, Economic Application, Moral Science, General Knowledge, Drawing, Music, Games, Activity & SUPW.
  • Senior Secondary School Section English, Hindi, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Accountancy, Commerce, History, Games and SUPW.

There is no one method of teaching that suits all kinds of subjects and all kinds of teachers for all kinds of students. Hence we at R V S Academy adapt our teaching method as per the requirement. The important teaching methodologies that run in our school are:

  • Explanation Method : The lesson is explained by the teacher using books and chalk and talk method
  • Interactive Method: Interactive smart boards are used by the teachers to create visual and audio effects to make the class room teaching more effective and interesting.
  • Quiz Method: Intra class quiz methods used to revise the lessons that have been already taught in the class.
  • Peer Teaching Method: Due to too much pressure of professional courses students often tend to neglect English as a subject particularly in the plus two level. Subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Accounts, Economics and Commerce are focused upon as career oriented subjects. So Peer Teaching approach has been adopted to teach English. Students are encouraged to go through the text in details at home. Each day a particular students (According to Roll Number) is given the responsibility to explain the assigned topic in the class to the other students highlighting key words which are necessary in the answer to the questions asked to test them. The other students are free to ask questions as and when required. This leads to an interactive class session.

  • Remedial Classes: Every day during the Zero period remedial classes are taken especially for the slow learners. Doubt clearing and question answer methods are used for the purpose. Students are made to interact not only the teacher but also with bright students of their class to clear doubts or solve the problems.

  • Fun Time Learning : Learning through games such as: Grammar Games Vocabulary Games Mnemonic Games Mental Maths. What’s the Good Word Story telling

    Students enjoy the games no doubt but they learn English and Maths subjects in an easy and interesting way. Content once learnt is retained for a long time.


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