Who We Are

In our world, the concept of education takes on a whole new meaning. We strive to inculcate in your child the habit of inquiring, inferring, assimilating and discovering, rather than just memorising… Read more

British Council

The British Council is a British organization specializing in International educational and cultural opportunities. The organization creates International opportunities for the people in UK and other countries.. Read more

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the school centres round the multi – dimensional growth and development of the child’s personality in an atmosphere where there is joy of learning and immense scope for individual creativity… Read more


Our School

RVS Academy instituted by the RVS Educational Trust in March 2001 has in its brief span attained the status of one of the most progressive quality educational institution of Jamshedpur. The Chairman of the School, Mr. Binda Singh has set a lofty aim to nurture brotherhood and scientific temper in students and make them achievers in real life. Mr. Bharat Singh the secretary of the school endeavours to provide the best resources so as to reach the ideals of personal, professional and social excellence. Mr. Shatrughna Singh the Executive Member of the school committee provides the best electronic and technological platform to the activities of the school. The principal of the school, Mrs. Mitali Roy Choudhury provides every opportunity to the teachers to improve effectiveness in teaching methods and professional standards of teachers by conducting as well as organizing regular in-service training sessions for them…  Read More


The school has an excellent infrastructure well spread over in 7 acres of land. Though at present it has 70 well equipped and ventilated classrooms, 5 staff rooms, 2 activity rooms, 1 examination cell,  1 teaching aids room and 1 auditorium. Its future plan is to expand its operational area to cope with heavy demand of admission of students in various classes. Apart from that, the school is equipped with well stocked library and separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computers.

The well stuffed activity rooms ensure that a child does not  only has  his/her  mental and physical abilities trimmed through toys or songs or recitation alone, but partakes in the development  process through the playful delights of swings, slides and play station in the technically conceptualized playground.

Updated computers for technology integrated education and a book store to give students and parents a respite from the rigors of text books hunting are the additional facets of this institution with vision set on a better… Read more

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School Events

There are various curricular and co-curricular activities spread throughout the year in order to give opportunities to the students to shape their personality which in the long run would give an edge to their academic and professional career.

R.V.S Academy believes that education we offer to our students is not limited to what occurs within the four walls of the class room between the first and the final bell but that which goes beyond time and place. It is an ongoing process resulting to the ever improving standard of quality, character and life at large. Hence we involve students under the supervision of teachers in multiple activities. We give you glimpses of some important ones in the following linesRead more

R.V.S Educational Trust

RVS Educational was constituted on 27 March 2002 to fulfill the educational needs of the young aspirants of Jamshedpur. The Trust comprises of seven members, three of them namely Shree Binda Singh, Shree Bharat Singh, Shree Shatrughna Singh and  Shree Shakti Singh are the authors.

The Trust aims to establish Universal Fraternity, Tolerance, Moral & Social values, Love and Affection among the students irrespective of caste, creed, religion and gender.

At present there are three Institutions running under the governance of R.V.S Educational Trust. R.V.S Academy at Jamshedpur and R.V.S International School… Read More

RVS Education Trust, Jamshedpur

Our Toppers

ICSE and ISC Toppers of School

ICSE – 2020

ISC Science – 2020

ISC Commerce – 2020


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