• Bank Account of all the students with BANK OF INDIA , Sakchi-Jsr, is mandatory
  • Quarterly fee is payable Bank A/c only in the months of APRIL , JULY, OCTOBER & JANUARY
  • Parents must have sufficient amount in their children’s Bank account in the Bank of India, Sakchi, Branch so that AUTO DEDUCTION of fee can be made smoothly on the due date of due month.
  • Parents must have sufficient amount in their Bank Account on declared date mentioned in the MODEL MANDATE FORM (ESC) so that AUTO DEDUCTION of fee of the children can be made smoothly.
  • Fee will be deducted from the student’s A/c at the bank of India, Sakchi, Branch on 20th of MARCH, 20th of JUNE, 20th of SEPTEMBER and 20th of DECEMBER positively.
  • If the last day for fee happens to be a Sunday or holiday, payment should be made on the previous working day.
  • The Student’s name will be struck off the rolls if he/she does not pay the fee by the end of the months of the particular quarter and will be penalized.


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