The school has a sick  room with two beds for medical emergency of the students. A well stocked  first aid box is available for immediate treatment. However the school also has contract with the nursing home just outside the school for major illness/accidents. Time to time medical check up of the students is done by the doctors from M.G.M. College which is situated just opposite the school campus. .

The First Aid kit fully equipped is kept handy for casualties that may occur in the class room, on the play ground, in the science lab. Care is taken to provide students all safety measure through safety club at school. However accidents may occur and then we have all the medical support for them.

The school organizes Medical Checkup such as ENT, Dental and general health for students from time to time to ensure they well being.

Blood Donation camp is held annually in collaboration with Red-Cross Society where in teachers and parents donate blood to help the needy patients in and around Jamshedpur.



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