School discipline is the system of rules and behavioral strategies appropriate to the regulation of children or adolescents and the maintenance of order in schools. Its aim is to control the students’ actions and behavior and to set limits certain actions that are seen as harmful or going against school policies, educational norms and school traditions.


In order to enforce discipline in school the students of R.V.S Academy are divided into four houses namely Rose, Violet, Sunflower and Aster. Each house has Teacher Moderator and Vice Moderator assisted by Students House captain and Vice Captain.

School Head Boy            : Pawan Chatterjee

Head Girl                         : Mahinoor Fatima

Asst. Head Boy                : Surjo Banerjee

Number of Members  : 25

Leader                                 : Manorama Tiwary

Number of Members     :  104

Teacher Moderator                  :        Ms. Manmeet Kaur

Teacher Vice Moderator         :         Ms. Madhulika Mishra

Captain Boy                               :         Atul Singh

Captain Girl                               :         Neetu Kumari

Teacher Moderator                   :        Ms. Sweta Thapar

Teacher Vice Moderator           :        Mr. Kalpana Dey

Captain Boy                               :        Vikas Kumar Gupta

Captain Girl                               :        shweta Kumari

Teacher Moderator                   :       Ms. Reshmi Dey

Teacher Vice Moderator           :       Ms. Aarti Verma

Captain Boy                               :       Ayush Mishra

Captain                                       :       Sanya Bhardwaj

Teacher Moderator                   :       Ms. Vani Mishra

Teacher Vice Moderator           :       Ms. Anjana Thakur

Captain Boy                               :      Dev Jyoti Tiwary

Captain Boy                               :       Rani Gour


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