Life being precious, safety in all spheres is imperative. Keeping this very fact in mind R.V.S Academy organized a Fire Safety Drill in the school premises. The personnel from the fire department visited the school on14.06.18 to teach the students how accidental fires can be controlled. They taught the students the types and causes of firesand how they spread. They demonstrated methods and ways to curb it.Live demonstrations with gas cylinders, electricity and fire extinguishers were conducted with hands on participation of the children.

100 students from classes 10, 11 and 12 and 20 teachers attended the training session. The Safety In-charge teachers were Vani Mishra, Chandan sir and Suman tr. The Principal Mrs. Chhaya Das and Vice-Principal Mrs. Mitali Roy Choudhury reiterated the importance of safety at all costs. They thanked the Department for making this effort to train and aware the children. The students participated enthusiastically.


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