The Eco- Club of R.V.S Academy, Mango, Jamshedpur, organized an Electronic Waste Rally on 8th July, 2017 to create  an awareness among people not to dump electronic gadgets but dispose them in an eco-friendly manner without harming  the environment.

The members of the Eco- Club comprising more than hundred students, along with  teachers took active participation.  This rally  was flagged of  by the school Secretary, Mr. Bharat Singh and Principal Mrs. V.Chhaya Das along  with the Vice Principal Mrs. Mitali Roy Choudhury, Co- ordinators and teachers. The programme started with  a speech and a short mind blowing skit.

E- Waste has disastious impact in the long run and contaminates the air, surface water, ground water and soil. A generic  term to include all types wastes containing electrically powered components. E- Waste is the most rapidly growing solidwaste problem in the world. The Eco Club members of school with colourful and  very attractive placards highlighted the methods of  safe disposal of electronic waste like  composting , incineration, use of scrubbers and electronic precipitators. E- Waste  is hazardous to mankind, informal processing of E- Waste in developing countries can lead to adverse human effects and environmental pollution. So it’s high time to rise up.


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