To express the creativity and to vent the emotions of the students “Zonal ASISC Creative  Writing Competition “ was hosted by RVS Academy, Dimna Road, Mango. The programme was inaugurated with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Principal of the school Mrs. Chhaya Das , the Vice Principal Mrs. Mitali Roy Choudhury and the other distinguished guests. Around 16 schools participated in the event. This event was organized for the youngsters to give wings to their imagination and discover where the words would take them. The renowned educationists of the town Mrs. Jhumjhumi Nandi and Mrs. Shamita  Ahuja were the judges for the occasion. The topics were given on the spot.

The topic for Senior category was : The  ancient Jeurish doctrine of “an eye for an eye,a tooth for a tooth” – teachers the concept of revenge. In a well analysed essay show how this concept is not the real answer to problems”.

The topic for Junior category was :: The Earth  is headed towards an apocalypse and you have a few characters who can save the planet from its doom.

  • a clock maker who can meddle with time.
  • a taxidermist who can bring back extinct species.
  • a physicist who has discovered ways to alter and modify the Earth’s movements.
  • A Mayan who had formerly predicted the end of an era accurately and can foretell the future.
  • a NASA scientist working on finding suitable conditions for life to exist on other planets in the galaxy.

Use  at beast one character in your story to bring out a sequence of events of how the planet is finally saved.

The programme was anchored by Mrs. Piyali Dutta. She also delivered the vote of thanks.


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