R.V.S Academy organised a Science  and Humanities exhibition in its premises on the 12th January, 2019. The exhibition aimed at providing a common platform to the students from Std VII to Std XI to exhibit and showcase the intricacies of various scientific  phenomenon and processes in a simple way to the audience.

The exhibition was inaugurated  by  the  school chairman Mr. Binda Singh.

The occasion was also graced by the august presence of school  Treasures Mr. Shatrughan Singh and executive member Mr. Shakti Singh, Principal Mrs Mitali Roy Choudhury and Vice Principal Mrs Shalini Kumar and the esteemed judges Prof. Sanatan Prasad, Prof. Dr. Sudhir Jha and Prof. Dr. Kalpana Mahato.

The children presented superbly  designed working models and presentations based on various topics like body systems, the working of various  human organs , blood testing, rain water harvesting, fire extinguisher ,water treatment plant, High alert security system, Hydraulic crane and bridge, Disney  land, Tourist  places of India, Harappan civilization, stages of evolution in man, Tata Steel Jamshedpur, SBI and the working of ATM.

Beautiful decorative items made by the students of all classes adorned another area and the bright hues and creativity enchanted the visitors.
The children answered the queries of the judges and the visitors with great aplomb  and enthusiasm. Exhibition of such nature help the children to develop team spirit, time – management and a scientific temper. The exhibition ended on a joyous note with the blessing of one and all.
The 1st prize winners  were :-
Physics –   Hydraulic crane and bridge (Std -VIII)
Chemistry- Water treatment plant (Std – IX)
Biology – Rain water Harvesting (Std – IX)
History / Civics – Evolution  of Mankind (Std – IX)
Geography- Earhquake Model (Std – VIII)
Commerce – SBI Bank (Std – XI )


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