On  1st  of  August  R.V.S. ACADEMY  hosted  the  prestigious  ASISC  Regional  Declamation  Contest.  The  customary  practice  of  lighting  the  ceremonial  lamp  was  done   by   members  of  the  managing  committee.  The eloquent orators presented the speeches of eminent personalities. The speakers gathered a plethora of appreciation.  The  Declamation  contest  was  categorized  into  two  groups  “The  Junior,  and  The   Senior”.   The  schools that  took   part   were  Carmel  School  Digwadih, St  Xavier’s  School  Doranda,  Ranchi,  Gulmohar  High  School  Jamshedpur,  St. Clare’s School, Lokai,  Deoghar,  St  Joseph’s  School, Bhagalpur. (For Junior Declamation). St  Xavier’s  School  Doranda,  Ranchi, De  Nobilli  School  Digwadih,  Dhanbad,  St  Joseph’s  Convent  High  School,  Patna,  Tarapore  School,  Agrico,  Jamshedpur,  St . Francis School, Deoghar, Mount Assissi School, Bhagalpur.  (For Senior Declamation).  These  types  of  contests  exfoliate the  soft  skill  presentation   and  elevate  self  confidence.  The judges panel constituted Mrs.  Mita Lal, Miss Mona  Bahadur  and  Mrs.  Varsha  Chand  who  have  proven  their  versatility in  the  realm  of  English. The winners  were
 1st – KAUSHAL  NAIK – Tarapore school, Agrico, Jamshedpur.
2nd – AGNES  GARNER – Denobili School, Digwadih, Dhanbad
3rd –  PRATYAKSHA  RANJAN- Mount Assisi School, Bhagalpur.


1st – SHEERSH  SEN – St. Xavier’s School< Doranda, Ranchi
2nd – AAYUSHI  SHRESTH- St. Clare’s School. Local, Deoghar
3rd –  SAANVI – Gulmohar High School, Jamshedpur

The   program concluded with   the prize distribution ceremony.


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