Youth festival at R.V.S Academy

Keeping the tradition of celebrating school life, R.V.S Academy held a three day “Youth Festival- “Youngistan”, creating memories to cherish for years to come.

On the second day i.e 2nd September 2016 the program began with a welcome song, felicitations to the School Chairman Mr.Binda Singh, Secretary Mr. Bharat Singh, members of the Executive Committee, Principal Mrs. Veena Talwar, Vice Principal and teachers.

An Inter house Elocution competition was held in the school auditorium. The Junior category comprising of classes VIII, IX and X spoke on the topic ‘Success’. The senior category comprising of Std XI and XII gave their views on the topic’ Patriotism’. The speakers were given the options of expressing their viewpoint through poems, story, speech etc. the participants gave eloquent versions on both the topics and the audience was held spellbound.

The Principal Mrs. Veena Talwar stressed on the importance of speech and reiterated that communication binds people and brings them closer. Correct speech leaves a lasting impression and creates goodwill.

The vote of thanks was presented by Tr. Simmi Gupta.

The Winners of Fancy Dress Competition were::

Std III – 1st – Navdeep Kaur

               2nd– Asir Tufail

               3rd-Aditya Pradsad

Std IV – 1st – Samrat Bose

               2nd– Krishna Patra

               3rd– Rashmi Choudhury

Std V– 1st – Rupsha Banerjee

               2nd– Md. Hamza Khan

               3rd– Sheetal Kumar


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